Last Days of 2015

With music by my brothers, a document of the people and places where I saw in the final days 2015.

Cage on Stage: CON AIR

A stage adaptation of the 1997 film “Con Air” starring Nicolas Cage. Written and produced by myself and my brother Nick Bateman. Performed on December 29, 2015 for an audience of six people in our living room on Yankee Hill.

Duck Day

A short film celebrating my favorite holiday which I invented.


My Roommate Discovers The Boy She Was In Love With In High School Has A New Girlfriend

A microdocumentary featuring my roommate, Marian Bull.


Santa Daddy


A fun Christmas jingle by myself and Jo Livingstone, Santa Daddy intermingles Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” with an equally disturbing contemporary father/daughter story.