Directions began one day when I was sitting at my kitchen table doodling with my brother. We had a huge stack of construction paper, and decided to fill each page until there were none left. At some point, I started to write "Directions" at the top of each page, and let the words flow. I tucked those pages into a folder where they sat for a year until I rediscovered them.

I decided to share a few on Instagram, and to my surprise, they really resonated with people. "I needed this today" was often commented, along with "this should be a book!"

So here it is, I made them into a book! Directions is a collection of handwritten advice, ah-ha moments, and epiphanies scrawled on colorful construction paper. In it, you might just find what you need today.

Directions is available at:



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Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)

Skylight Book (signed copies)